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But almost 90% businesses fail to identify the method that ensures growth.

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An independent agency using LEAN methodology dedicated to business GROWTH.

The METHOD that ensures growth for any business to be FIT

Empathizing with the customers’ problem and discovering as well as innovating a valid solution that can leverage to build early adopters.

By measuring the need for the product/service that meets the demand of the targeted customer segments, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should be developed. Product/service provider shall meet the early adopters and acquire valuable feedbacks and gauges interest for the product/service.

Depending on the business structure, business model fit ensures business growth by using unique method of Lean Business Architecture coined by renowned industry leaders like Steve Blank, Alexander Osterwalder, Alistair Croll, Eric Ries.

The STAGES we go through with you, for you

Customer Creation

  • Offline/Online channeling
  • Managing customer funneling
  • Establishing revenue streams
  • Addressing incured costs

Company Building

  • Generating Viable Business Model
  • Activating key players
  • Allocating partners to manage profit

F. A. Q

Is your method applicable in Bangladesh?

LEAN Method has evolved purely from the pain customers and businesses alike have faced throughout centuries, around the world. Now we have a SCIENTIFIC approach rather than intuition to solve the problem that are being posed in Bangladesh.

Our business is running well, why should we need your service?

Business by its innate nature requires consistent growth, it cannot stay still. A running business, how successful it may be, needs to strive to reach and maintain a position, which some other business is also competing for thus creating problems which demand solutions.

Can Startups avail your service(s)?

The Method was devised for Startups at early stage, but it soon became popular for all level of business types. Startups gain the maximum momentum of growth as the Method utilises the least amount of resources to create fit.

How long do we need you with us?

Growth is an everlasting process, there is no end to it. But we work for a sustainable and maintabe business model fit so that the business can become an automated growth machine. "We will not catch the fish for you forever, we will teach you how to!"

How do you charge for your service?

Every business comes with their unique reality that we need to individually cater to to trigger sustainable growth. Give us a call and let's meet, we are delighted to answer you uniquely!